In print and in Chinese


  How to show the reference (in print) or (in Chinese) like:

Hong, C. M., 1999, “…,”  J. of XXX (in print).


I try to put “(in print)” in item of Pages (References->Edit References) but it turns to

Hong, C. M., 1999, “…,”  J. of XXX, p. (in print).


Same as “in Chinese”.


I would suggest you use the Field “Language” for this information.  Then you need to adjust the output style template for each Reference Type in the Bibliography section to have the text.  You may or may not want to use a different field for the in “print” information, and modify the templates accordingly.  Insert the text below at the appropriate place in each template.  Using the pages field as an alternative, invokes the “pages” specific p.  What style are you starting with? 


where the * is the link adjacent character (inserted form the insert field dropdown), when you are in the edit template box, see image.  With the forced separation and link adjacent “characters”  the parentheses and word “in” will only appear when there is text in that field.