"In print" full text vs. "Open Access" full text


I am working in an academic medical research center, and am trying EndNote as a way for my PI to organize relevant literature. So far, I’m really happy with how it is working. My question is about how EndNote “decides” which version of a full-text PDF it will download, when there is more than one possibility – and if there is any way to change the default decision.

For example, EndNote easily downloads PDFs of articles from J Clin Psychiatry (I am on-campus, and our library has online access to this journal), when I “Find Full Text” on a reference. Sometimes, as you may know, articles are available to the general public as an “NIH Open Access Manuscript” (having something to do with government funding, PubMed Central and PMCIDs – I’m not 100% clear on this). If the article is available to me both as a subscriber (a PDF of the final article as it actually appears in print), and as an Open Access manuscript ( not the final article as it appears in print – not the correct pagination, edits could be made before printing, etc.), EndNote seems to “prefer” to download the Open Access version.

I would prefer that EndNote always download the article as it appears in print, if available – and only download the Open Access version if a subscription-based article is not available to me. Is this possible by changing settings, altering connection files, or something along those lines? I’ve tried searching the forum for a similar question, but didn’t turn up anything.

Thanks for any info you can provide – even if it’s “No, that’s impossible.” This isn’t a dealbreaker for EndNote, but it seems like it could be a relatively simple setting that I am overlooking.