"——" in references

I keep getting random “——” in the reference list. For example, this work by Davenport appears as; —— 2005, Thinking for a living: How to get better performance and results from knowledge workers, Harvard Business School Pr. Yet, the author field in EndNote contains “Davenport, T. H.” What am I doing wrong?

Version of Endnote? Has endnote been patched to the most recent build for your version (can do that from the Endnote help menu)?  What style are you using and have you checked that the repeated author settings are correctly set in it? 

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Sorry, I should have added more detail in the first place. I am running X4.0.2 (Build 5149 - the latest). It is running on Office 64-bit. (However, I have had this problem for a little while.) I am using a custom style from the University of Queensland (Harvard 2002, V8). And, yes, you are right; it seems to be related to the output style.