Including "this study" in list of citations

I am using the Author-date style in X3.  I need to reference multiple citations within the text and include “this study” in that list.  I cannot figure out how to modify the reference list within the text.  Creating a citation with the author “this study” doesn’t work.


You want to add that text as a suffix to the last reference in the list.  You do this by right clicking in the formated citation, making sure that correct ref is selected, choose the edit citation and put the text, including the separating punctuation and spacing, in the suffix box (or if you want it at the beginning, in the prefix box for the first ref in the list).  Remember that the style might rearrange the citations based on the criteria in the “sort” option of the style, so it is worth looking at the formated citation group to discern which one ends up last (or first). 

Excellent, thank you!