Indian theses

can somebody tell me how to import data from an Indian databse for theses - inflibnet into Endnote? It is based on an old UNESCO software called CCF.

THESIS_ASCII-11-02-2011 112828.txt (103 KB)

Try this.  You’ll also need to prep your .txt file first before importing (information on the comments section of the filter).

Theses_IndianDB - Copy.enf (1.71 KB)

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Thank you - it was a joy to see it all being imported. However I notice that the title hasn’t made it through.

That’s odd. I use EndNote X4 (Windows 7 professional) and tested the filter before posting  it on the forum.  The title field is included in the  filter’s template. I used the import settngs shown in Image1 and the results shown in Image2 have the records’ titles intact. 

The filter was set to import records into EndNote’s “Thesis” reference type - does your reference type template (Image3) have a title field? What version of EndNote are you using and how are you importing the text file?