Inserting citation in table


I am encountering an issue while I am inserting a reference into a table cell. As soon as I insert one ref in the table, the order of the references is automatically updating, making the ref i inserted in the table no. 1. Also, how can I make the format of the reference in the table different from the ones in the text? Some of the refs in the table are not cited anywhere in the text. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Iin Word 2013, I don’t see this happen (in order of appearance style like J Biological Chem).  

Have you inserted your table into a textbox first?

Also, here is a fix for converting textboxes to frames in more recent word documents

The trick is to use a frame instead of a textbox.  Here is the simplest way to insert a frame in Word 2010/2013.  (Just to note that this “feature” also affect words ability to include figure titles in tables for those of you who are working on long documents with tables of figures and tables of tables).