Inserting citation lasts more than 5 minutes - what to do?


I have a very urgent problem as I am writing my PhD thesis and the reference manager doesn’t work.

SInce a few month I’ve used the reference Manager in Version 11. Because it isn’t really compatible with Word 2010 I installed today the Version 12.
But now the intext-citation don’t work. If I I use the add-in to insert a citation of one of the authors of my database, it lasts about more than 5 minutes for that.

Actually I installed Word 2010 and the Reference Manager 12 once again but no improvement!

I also copied the reference manager database from the server network to my desktop, but also no improvement.

Actually I cannot work with this, because it lasts really to long.

What could be the problem?

In case of inserting a citation it seems that word is remunerating all the pages of my word (current version: 445 pages).

Do you have any hint what can I do to solve this problem?

It is really really urgent!

Thanks for your help

You should contact support if this is an urgent issue. See