Instant Formatting has stopped working.


At the library I work at we have Staff and Student PC’s all with Endnote X1 and Word 2007 SP1 (with Endnote Program plugin working ok). On the Student PC’s it appears that the Instant formatting through the Endnote Plugin in Word 2007 SP1 doesn’t work despite the Instant Formatting being on. The strange thing is we have the same install of both applications and plugin on our staff PC’s and the instant formatting feature works OK.

So my question is what files control the instant formatting feature? Is it an executable that runs in the background, a dll or a plugin that we haven’t set to run on our student PC’s? I ask this because we use Group Policy to secure what runs on the student PC’s and I’m assuming there is a part of endnote we have not allowed to run or and area we have restricted so the endnote plugin can’t write to the area it needs to.


UWA Library I.T. Services