Intext citation in Word for Mac (2008)

Hi there - I’m new at this so this is probably something obvious…BUT… I have just installed endnote for Mac X1 and the update for Word 2008 (Mac version).

I’ve since tried a few in text citations, but I only seem to be getting the bibliography line. The intext reference flashes up for a split second but then disappears. How can I get this to work?

Thanks! Liz

The first thing you need to do, is choose the appropriate output style, specific to your project.  I suspect you have accidentally chosen one that is a footnote only, or doesn’t insert an in-text citation for some other reason.  Try reformating with the Author-Date style as a start.  Your intext citations should reappear then as (Author, et al, YEAR).  I suggest that you run thru some of the web tutorials that are available both at the support site and google “Endnote tutorial” to find others.