Invalis class string

RM12 opened then Word 2007 opened, and when trying to open output style or insert a citation to the document a message “Invalid class string” appears. I have tried to reinstall rm12, but with no help. Can anyone assist?



Have you installed the Reference Manager 12.0.3 update- ?  If the message still appears after installing the update, have you checked Word for disabled add-ins?  If not, here are the steps for checking Word for disabled add-ins:

   1. Word 2007: Click on the Office icon and select “Word Options.”
   2. Click on “Add-ins.”
   3. Change the “Manage” options to “Disabled Items.”
   4. Click Go.
   5. Highlight any Reference Manager item(s) and click “Enable.”
   6. Click OK.
   7. Close all Office programs and restart Word.

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