iPad-desktop sync suggestions

I’m writing today with some suggestions for features that were not included in the recently released version ipad version of endnote. I hope you’ll consider to make the desktop-ipad experience more seamless. Thank you.

  1. Being able to sync read/unread status between iPad and desktop. I rely on this to keep track of what I’ve read but after reading something in the ipad, i have to manually change it in the desktop version. 

  2. Being able to add rankings to a reference in the iPad version to sync with the desktop library. Right now I have to favorite a reference in the iPad and manually change the ranking in the desktop while I cannot see my favorites saved in my iPad from the desktop.

  3. Being able to see my groups organized by group/subgroup in the ipad the same way the desktop app allows me to nest groups within a main category. Right now the iPad shows me all the categories in one long swoop regardless of how they’re organized in the desktop.

It would also be nice to be able to decide whether or not we wat to download attachemnts to read offline…