Is it possible to import from Sciencedirect the last author names? Filter?


I would like to list my references with the name of the last author. Is it possible to import this data from Sciencedirect?  

I saw that it’s possible to have the name of the third author. But I don’t know how to do to getting this data? Do I need to use a special filter? How can I do to include this filter with the first ones?  

Please help!!


I think you are confusing tertiary author with the third author.  A tertiary author would be like the Editor of a book series, which has an editor (secondary author) for one of the series, and a primary author that wrote the actual chapter. 

Unless the datebase has the last author listed (perhaps as corresponding author, but that wouldn’t be the case for every paper) I don’t think Endnote can parse that information easily for you.