Is it possible to run both Endnote X8 and Endnote X9 add-in on Word 2016?

My dissertation in Persian. So, my references are both in Persian and English. Although I am using APA6, but mainly punctuations differ in Persian, e.g. “،” instead of “,”. Other students usually use Endnote & APA6 for English references and manually change punctuation for Persian citations and references. So far I used Endnote with my Persian references and Zotero with English ones on the same document. Since it is not possible to use more than one style in the same document (APA6 and AP6 Persia), I was wondering if it is possible to run two instances of Endnote add-in on Word 2016 (e.g. Endnote X8 & X9, with different temporary citation delimiters) and configuring them with different styles?