is there a way to open a reference in pubmed in the browser from x7.1??

Two great things about pubmed

  1. It tells you if the article has been updated: for example, a cochrane review.  If it is has been updated, it links to the pmid reference that is updated.

  2. it suggests similar articles. If you are looking at a review article in one topic, it links some other articles that you may also want to read.

I would like to:

click a reference in endnote x7.1 on a pc and then open the reference in pubmed in a browser with the library log-in already done.  I have already authenticated, why should I have to again? Even if I have to authenticate again, it should take me to the correct area instead of the public pubmed site.

Is this currently possible?  If not, can you make it possible?

Thank you,