Is there no simple way to search the intersection of multiple groups in EndNote?

Is there no simple way to search the intersection of multiple groups in EndNote?

e.g., my library includes the groups “High-Freqency”, “Behavioral”, and “Finance” (which have a non-empty intersection). How would I display only the papers represening the intersection of these groups?

I’ve noticed that each entry in EndNote has a “Keyword” field. Assuming each entry’s group memberships were included in the Keyword field I could do a succession of:

References > Search References > Search Showing References

actions which would eventually get me down to the intersection I’d want. But even this seems a little unnecessarily complicated.

Is there an easier way!?

If the words you want are in the keywords, then why not just search the library with the three keywords? 

Sure, that’s definitely a solution. But what if I want to change the name of one of the groups? Would I then have to go in and manually change the Keyword field for each member of that group?

I suggest you list thisunder feature request, but you can always add another keyword or replace a keyword in a selected set of references, whether they are a group or a search result, using “change or move field” or “change text” options. 

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But what happens if I want to add new text, then I can not use the ‘change text’ option. How to add text to several references at once (e.g. keyword field)?

I Think I found it using ‘change and move fields’ option, right?

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that is  what the tool “Change and Move fields” accomplishes.  See attached gif. 


Thanks a lot! Yes, I also found it right afterward I placed my post. :wink:

And I saw your “light bulb” just after I posted my reply – sry about that!:wink: