Is this possible?

is it possible to look up the diffrent languages a book has bein published in by using endnote?

Example: Lets say i have a book titled Myofascial Pain, by David Simons… Well i want to know what all languages this was published in… is that posible?

Not to my knowledge.

The largest database of books is Worldcat from OCLC. But it certainly doesn’t contain everything. There is an EndNote connection file for Worldcat, but you would only be able to use that if your institution has a subscription.

Alternatively you can search Worldcat via the web. Use the Author box and input the author’s name in reverse order and in inverted commas: “simons david”. Also, go down to the Format box and select Book. When you retrieve records, just click on “Export to EndNote” to export them directly to EndNote. This works well.

The only other large-scale book database that I know is the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue. This is a great resource. It will search many library catalogues and give you links back to those catalogues. Some of the catalogues might provide direct export to EndNote, but you will probably end up copying and pasting most of the references.