It is possible to change reference id assignment mode in End note?

I’m reference Manager customer (forced to change to End Note or looking for other software provider, due discontinuing support).

My library was configured to use author+date reference  id assignment mode.

I don’t know if this option is available in End Note.

For me it is very useful to see authors and year in temporary citaions (nota a number than means nothing), because the way my research group work needs to use text unfrmated citations.

Greetings Juan,

I do apologize for the inconvenience, but EndNote record numbers cannot be configured to use the optional author+date format that was available in Reference Manager.  However, an EndNote temporary citation should include the first author’s last name, year and record number by default.  When choosing “Convert to Unformatted citations” within Word, are you not seeing temporary citations in the following format: {Smith, 2014 #60}?

Please let me know what you find. 

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