Jabref to Endnote to Word

Hello everybody,

I export my library from JabRef and then import the file (file option refer/bibIX).

Now I see all my files in the endnode tab,

I have created several groups in my endnote and drag and drop the references of choice to corresponding groups.

Now my two  questions are: I would like to use the automatic referencing option of endnote in word.

For instance, if I have a sentece like:

The development of endnote enabled X,Y,Z.

I want to add a reference at the end of this sentence which should look like:

The development of endnote enabled X,Y,Z (1).

and the at the end of my word document, i would like to see:

1 - Endnote manual (year etc…)

I have seen on a youtube video one should select vancouver for this.

However, the reference numbers in the word document are taken from endnote, thus giving me numbers like



since the selected reference number in endnote is 37 / 39.

  1. sometimes, i would like to have the reference as:

XXXX et al. (1) suggested…

and have this as:

1- endnote manual year volume etc…

like this.

Could you please tell me how can I solve this?