Journal title not all full capitalisation? J Immunology and J Clinical Microbiology template offer by Thomson

Hi Thomson community;

I downloaded the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Journal of Immunology style from

I quickly experienced abbreviation in the final output and also non-capitalisation for Journal of Immunology.

I have tried editing the Output > Journal Names > Use Full Journal Name. But I am still having difficulty for some of my journals having full capitalisation.I tried updating the “Journal Terms List” according to some posts  (deleting all of it) and imported Medical.txt. Somehow the journals that I have in my reference are still not on the list; what should I do?

In the screenshot, you can see that the

“New England Journal of Medicine” is not even in full

and neither is “Lancet Infectious Disease” gives the instructions on how to re-set up the  journal terms list so it accurately does what you expect it to do.  

At the same time I suggest that all users turn off the two auto updates in the edit>prefernces> terms list settings or new entries may appear that are backwards again.