Keyword sets

I’d like to suggest a feature where keywords can be grouped into “Keyword sets”.  For example, I could have a Keyword Set named “Chronic Pain”, within which I would include various chronically painful illnesses, such as “fibromyalgia”, “post-herpetic neuralgia”, “diabetic neuropathy”, etc.  Then I could search for “fibromyalgia” and get all my references pertaining to that illness, while “chronic pain” would pull all references related to fibromyalgia or post-herpetic neuralgia or diabetic neuropathy.  This would allow me to search broadly or narrowly as I wished, without having to list all the sub-keywords within “chronic pain.”

As long as I’m dreaming, it would be nice to have multiple layers of Keyword sets.  It would also be nice to put a keyword within several Keyword sets.  For example, post-herpetic neuralgia might be a sub-keyword of both “Chronic Pain” as well as “Neurological disorders.”

I’ve looked in your help screens, but haven’t found anything like this. 

Are you searching PubMed thru the online Connect feature?  I suspect you might be wanting to search remotely under the fields “MeSH major topics” and “MeSH terms” for this facility.    Then you can search the retrieved records for your specifics?  - -I guess to transfer this to the library itself, you would need to ensure that these two groups of keywords be moved into endnote fields?    

I had the same problem and found a way around it.

I’ve arranged a table (in Excel) of keywords, with their parents keywords.

So, to use your example:

My keyword for “fibromyalgia” is: "Chronic Pain-“fibromyalgia”.

The result is that I can search for the parent keyword or for the indevidual specific keywords, depending on what I need.

Thank you for the suggestion.  I have essentially been doing what you suggest, but was hoping for something easier to manage.  Once I get to the level of Treatments - pharmacology - antidepressants - SSRIs - fluoxetine - side effects - cognitive, it takes a long time to type in each keyword.