It would be very useful if Endnote could be used to print standard spine labels for records of books contained in an Endnote catalogue. At the moment I use a style that exports data in this format:

1.2 ~# 10  ~Tivy ~THF

1.2 ~# 11  ~Begon, Harper et al. ~THF

14.1 ~# 12  ~Chow, Maidment et al. ~THF

1.3 ~# 14  ~Edwards ~THF

1.2 ~# 15  ~Thompson and Gardener ~THF

1.2 ~# 16  ~Efiok ~THF

1.3 ~# 17  ~Cheng and Horne ~THF

1.3 ~# 18  ~Steiner ~THF

1.3 ~# 19  ~Kerlinger ~THF

I then convert them into a table that fits the label format (I use A4 labels 63.5 mm by 38.1 mm with 3 columns and 7 rows).

I then replace the tilde character with a paragraph marker. I can then print labels. I have attached the style sheet and an example of the labels.

It would be good if this could be automated within Endnote for a few standard types of self adhesive labels!

Please let me know what you think at


TCCL_Labels_301010.ens (3.51 KB)

Here are the instructions and an example label sheet. (153 KB)