Library Window - split window layout saved?

The Library Window does not remember the size of the window splits when closing EndNote X6.

I am not impressed by the interface changes on the Mac.

Ahh, wow we have to wait for a fix until X7.

I’m not seeing this. The window size/layout is remembered between EndNote sessions.  

What OS are you using?

 - Tilla, the EndNote team

Mac OS 10.6.8, EN X6.0.1

For example:

1 choose “Bottom Split View” in the Library Window.

2 two new bottom windows appear (reference, style preview)

3 minimize the reference window

4 quit, then open EN X6

5 the two bottom windows have the same size as after 1, instead of after 2.

Thanks for looking into this (for EN 6.0.2 ? :- )