Limits in CWYW

CWYW is a wonderful feature but as the reference database grows it becomes increasingly hard to use.  When you press “Insert Citation” in MS Word and perform a search, it seems to search on all authors and not just the first author.  As many family names are common, especially in certain Asian cultures, a search that returns references for any matching author name regardless of position, can so clutter the results as to make nearly useless. 

Can we get a future version to have optional limits on the CWYW search engine, like maybe a check box that restricts the search to first author only?

That is why I have never used “Find Citation” - for any Author search and rarely for anything else.  I always jump to Endnote to select my records and either jump back to word or insert citation from endnote, if I know my cursor is in the right place.  To find the first author is then simple, just jump to it by beginning to type the name after clicking in the library display.

It isn’t the “insert citation” that is a problem, it is the “find citation”.  – Making it more adaptable, will make it just like searching in endnote, so not much of a time saver?