Line break between authors

Hi all,

How can I force a line break between authors after a slash?

To give an example:

Vgl. z. B.  Bruhn 2007 ,  S. 109;                                         Raab/Unger/Unger 2009, S. 147;

Günther/Vossebein/Wildner 2006, S. 1 ff.

should turn to

Vgl. z. B.  Bruhn 2007,  S. 109;  Raab/Unger/Unger 2009, S. 147; Günther/Vossebein/

Wildner 2006, S. 1 ff.

I would be delighted if someone could help…


A workaround would be to insert a manual break in the MS Word document.  To insert a manual break, place by your cursor at the point where you want to have a separation then simultaneously hold down the SHIFT and ENTER keys.

Since manual break is a temporary fix which will be removed if you subsequently need to update your bibliography, it might be helpful to insert a manual break after you’ve finalized your document.

Thanks for your advice!

Just want to add a few things in case somebody else has the same problem.

I figured out that the suggested workaround only works when citations and bibliography are converted to plain text first:

"Word 2003 : From the Tools menu, go to the EndNote X4 submenu and select Remove Field Codes.

Word 2007 : On the EndNote tab, in the Bibliography group, select Convert Citations and Bibliography and then Convert to Plain Text . A copy of the document, without field codes, appears in a new document window."

That’s it! :womanhappy: