Link Adjacent Text Troubles

I have a problem with the “Link Adjacent Text” function. (I am assuming that that’s the problem. I have not been able to think about this in other terms).

Here is the reference I wrote:
Author Year.°Title|.°In:°Editor°(Hg.), Series Title,°Bd.°Series Volume|.°Place Published:°Publisher|, S.°Pages|.°DOI: DOI|.

“In:” is supposed to appear when there is an Editor, a Series Title or both . When there is neither, l “In:”, of course, is not supposed to show up in the output style. For that, as I understand it, i need to use “Link Adjacent Text” (°). But when I do, “In:” disappear when there is no Editor and only a Series Title, since the Editor field preconditions the “In:” thru Link Adjacent Text.
Can anyone help with this? Thanks, y’all.