Login loop with EndNote web

Hello, I am trying to help a student who can login to EndNote web but when he tries to use Word he gets continually asked for a login and cannot use the system. He keeps getting directed to login via Athens and cannot avoid this even if he goes directly to the EndNote web site rather than via Web of Science. Our student computers do automatically contain an Athens cookie but there is no way to avoid this - I have asked our technical people and they think it would cause too many problems to take it off. In any case we have students using EndNote web without problems so I can’t understand why it is affecting this one student. Does anyone, especially Athens users, have any clues which could help? Thanks very much.

What browser is the student using when logging into EndNote Web? If they use Internet Explorer and delete their myendnoteweb.com and isiknowledge.com cookies, then log into Web of Knowledge and try to use Cite While You Write in Word, does that work?

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

Thanks Mathilda. Unfortunately Internet options are blocked on our student PCs so the student can’t delete these cookies but I’ll pass this on to our technical support people and see if they can do it.


Just to let you know that the student just got back to me and deleting the cookies has fixed his problem. Thanks very much.