Lost in the style cumbersome jungle!


I am sorry, I am lost in the style options! 

There are 35 options for a style in the style panel!

The easiest for me are the Footnotes and Figure & Tables as I never used them! So, I don’t have problem with!

By contrast, I am lost in the two other sections:  Citation  and  Bibliography

Each section has a lot of subheadings, and each subheading has similar and confusing parameters that easily mislead the novice user like me!

I am not sure for example if “Citation” stands for the references “cited” in the body text or it also includes reference list after formating ? I am confused because there are two other confusing options: " Abbreviation author list-First Appearance" and " Abbreviation author list-Subsequent Appearence" ! 

Is the the subsequent appearance stands for the second time a reference is cited in the body text, or it could be the appearance in the bibliography list too?

Well, in common sense, this should concern only the appearance in the body text but I am not sure!  

And, if so, why first and second appearance in the body text should be different so that it proposes different formating for the same reference at the same place? 

Otherwise, I like simple and clear things! I would like for example to find clearer options such as

" Citation in the body text"

 " How do you want author names to appear in the body ** text"**?

If 1 author: (Author name, Date), name abbreviation…etc 

1-2: both names, 

more than 2: first author, et al. date …

" Bibliography List".

How do you want references’ liste to appear at the end of the body text?


I think the options list and menu in Endnote need some real modifications to be simpler and intuitive.


Citation is how it is cited in the text of the document, while Bibliography is how it is listed in the references section. 

Complications are due to the fact that different publications have a variety of requirements on how something is cited the first time and how it is cited subsequently in the text.  So a journal might want the (first three authors, et al, YEAR) the first time an article cited, but only require the first authors name (F.Author, et al, YEAR)  the second and subsequent times it is cited in that paper. It would be highly unusual to list it twice in the reference list.  Journals sometimes don’t want to see all 30 authors, but do want to see up to 3 authors or 6 authors and then abbreviate the list with et al. 

So it isn’t uncommon in the citations author instructions, for them to ask for to see both authors, or all three is 3 or less, but if more than 3, only show 1 and abbreviate the rest as et al. 

In the bibliography they can be more generous and want to see all the authors or only all the authors if there are 7 or less, and then to abbreviate – hence the wealth of Endnote options to accomodate all these variables.  While an more intuitive interface might be welcome, as you get more complicated and need to accomodate more options- it just gets less intuitive! 

You could instead use Endnote Web, which has less options (like users can’t edit styles at all, only administrators can), and you take it as it comes! 

But that is why so many styles are already constructed and available, and using the in the PC version) the Help> web style finder or in the Mac I think it is in the style viewer at the bottom, which takes you to the  style finder webpage at http://www.endnote.com/support/enstyles.asp from where you can retrieve many many styles - albeit some may need tweaking if a style has changed since it was constructed. 

Hope this helps and Good Luck!