Lost relationship between MS Word (Office XP) document and RM 12 database file references in CWYW

Hello. I have this arrangement:
* One MS Word document file with references (>80) which were related to a unique Reference Manager 11 database. This database was imported to RM 12.
* Whenever I do changes to the document and try to add a new reference, any one reference (from the RM 12 database) linked to text appear with a link in standard format (author, reference number ID, etc) and no changes are done within the reference list.  No matter if I try to make the changes through the RM toolbar in MS Word, no way to update the reference list.

* If I check related databases list through RM toolbar in MS Word, no database is listed.  No matter if I add any new citation, no reference is listed in relationship to the Word document.

The original RM 11 files are lost.  When trying to generate a Portable database, the result is a lot of duplicate records in the RM 12 exported database, each duplicate record per any time the reference is cited inside the text of the Word document.

Any ideas to recover the database relationships are welcomed!