Mac, word 2011, endnote 7 in yosemite OS 10 not working

I updated my mac to yosemite and decided to zero my HD. I.e. I deleted all files and instaled yosemite as if it was a new computer. Basically I erased my HD and started from scratch. Great! Almost as a new computer. BUT endnote 7 and word 2011 would not comunicate. After spending a day trying to understand why, I figured out that the problem was with the visual basic, that apparently was not working. Uninstaled and reinstaled word and endnote 3 times. Not working yet.
After spending a lot of time searching, understood what happened - a simple change at the name of the HD.
During the instalation, yosemite OS renamed my hard disk from “macintosh HD” to “sem título”, the portuguese expression to “no title”. The problem was not renaming it, but put a “special” character on it: the “í” - i with an accent.
I learned that the hard drive cannot have “special” characters, like cyrilic, apostrophe (’), accents and other. It will mess up all organization of internal data, especially the visual basic.
Just changed the name back to “Macintosh HD” and all worked. No special process required. Just changed the name and restarted the computer.
Took a long time to figure it out at internet

I am sorry you had this trouble with EndNote and Word. The issue you had is a known issue that is documented in our Knowledge Base under the title: EndNote X4 and later Mac: “Could Not Fire Event” or “Can’t load visual basic for applications” error in Word 2011 Please note, however, that there is a known issue in Microsoft Word that VBA may fail to install if the hard drive name contains certain special or non-English characters. If you find that reinstalling Word does not help, please check your hard drive name to make sure that it contains standard English characters only. If it does not, simply renaming your disk using Finder should resolve the issue. Please contact us again if you have an additional trouble using EndNote.