macros with Windows 7 and Endnote 9.0.1

I recently replaced my computer, the new one is running Office 7.  I reloaded my Endonote 9.0.1 and went to Word and set Endnote as an Add In.  Whenever I click on any command in the Add In toolbar I get a message that the macro can not be found or has been disabled.  I’ve been to help on Word and Endnote and tried everything.  Nothing works.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I don’t know, but I would upgrade to a more recent version of Endnote (they are on version 15 -more commonly called X5)

But the compatibility pages do  say that 9 should be compatible with Office 2007. (see also

However, Vista and Windows 7 might have some issues. 

Have you checked these resources?  I don’t think Thomson supports EN9 anymore, so again, my suggestion is that if you are using a more modern platform and Office, it makes most sense to update Endnote too.