Major problems with cut/copy/paste and Ctrl+W in Quick Edit in X4.0.1

I have just come across what appears to be a major bug in X4.0.1. It seems to be impossible to cut (or copy) and paste between the fields when in Quick Edit. The functionality is fully functional, as it should, when editing a record in the time-honoured manner. Please note that, when the cursor is located inside the Quick Edit window, the cut/copy/paste options are greyed out in the Edit menu, whereas they are not when the cursor is inside the standard editing window.

Another problem is that, if you are in Quick Edit and have your mind working as if in standard editing mode, pressing Ctrl+W produces the message “Would you like to empty all records from the Trash? This cannot be undone”. Pressing “No” simply exits the program when you obviously do not want to do this. When in standard editing mode, pressing Ctrl+W simply exits the editing window. It seems to me that there should be a safeguard to avoid forcing the user to exit and to reload.

I sincerely hope that the problems will be fixed soon.

With Windows XP, I don’t get the first of these behaviors.  I can cut and paste in Quick Edit, and the options aren’t greyed out.  

However, if I ctrl W I get the empty trash dialog - it closes no whether I okay or cancel.  However, if there happens to be an Online search with results, then if I cancel it doesn’t close.  I agree that both of these should should behave the same, and a cancel should prevent the closing behavior.  I think this should be added to the suggestions forum. 

We are tracking this issue and hope to include a fix in the upcoming X4.02 update. No firm date on exactly when this will be ready but we hope to have it released in the next couple of months.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I, too, am using Windows XP (SP3), and I checked once again after having exited and reloaded EndNote to make sure to start with a clean slate. The problem is still present: if the cursor is located in the Quick Edit window, the cut/copy/paste options are greyed out in the Edit menu.

I checked more thoroughly and noted that after I click in the Quick Edit window, the options are still active. This is still true if I select text. However, when I do a Ctrl+C, the Paste option becomes greyed out. Once Ctrl+V has been done, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Paste with Styles all become greyed out. It is only when I click on another record that the options become active again.

I hope that others will test the problem and report their experience.

hmmm, when I do that, me too.  - before I was switching to a file to paste in the regular list, where the paste part worked fine.  - Thanks Jason - we look forward to the patch, I guess. 

Regarding the Ctl+W behavior, using it in the context of the library window invokes the long-standing behavior of closing the library. So the process described for online search and trash are existing prompts and workflows. You need to use a different shortcut in the Quick Edit to navigate to what you want to do next. F6 can be used to navigate between the library panes - twice will get you back to the library list if you want to get to another reference.

 Mathilda, the EndNote team