Make it possible to take a library without all the PDFs

If I remember correctly, I can’t just take the enl folder without taking the papers.  (I know m. - if they weren’t in the DATA folder, this wouldn’t be so much of a problem.)

I am packing for vacation (and why again am I taking the endnote library?) and the compressed library is over 800 MB. 

Can there be a way to make a “travelling” library to transfer to my labtop in a future version?

In the meantime, how about move PDF files in the .data folder to somewhere else, and re-compress the library. The compressed library should be extremely small. Then, transfer PDF files and the compressed library to laptop, go on the vacation, uncompressed the library, and bring the PDF files back in. Does this work? I honestly don’t know. But I admire your passion to read PDF files on vacation. I always do the same thing (take my laptop and data with me), but always come without doing anything of those.