Malformed author list when connecting directly to Web of Science

Dear all, I want to get all my publications in one shot within and EndNote library.

Within EndNote I did:   Tools–>Connect and then I searched the web of science

by typing my name in the connection form.

Everything is smooth but for the order of the authors: instead of getting

exactly the order from web of science database (which is the one

appearing in the published paper) the list is resorted

in such a way that the first name is always the corresponding author!

Any work around?

Thanks a lot


What version are you using? It appeared to work for me in EndNote X5 using Tools -> Online Search.

Your name is not the first in each reference - see attachment.

I only retrieved 16 of 169 references found.

Hello, piero_ugliengo:

I’m not certain I’m understanding, but do you mean that your authors are importing in the incorrect order when searching Web of Science? If so, please see this thread where this issue is discussed.

If this is not what you mean, please give us a little more detail about in what way your imported references are incorrect.