Manipulate predefined data type/field format in customised Import Filter (X7)

Hi everybody,

first of all, sorry for my English but I’m a non-native speaker.

So here is my problem:

I would like to create a customised import filter with Endnote X7. In general I know how to define a new filter by editing the Import Filter Template by matching a tag (in my case a specific database field/field abreviation from MEDLINE) with the specific field(s) I want to be displayed in Endnote.

My problem is that MEDLINE has different predefined data types/field formats concerning the date. There are fields in MEDLINE where the field format for a date is defined as:  YYY/MM/DD but there are also fields where the field format for a date is defined as: YYYYMMDD. If I import these two different date fields with my customised import filter I have the problem that these two dates will be imported and displayed 1:1 as they where defined in MEDLINE (e.g. one field will be displayed in Endnote as: 2017/08/10 whereas the osther will be displayed as 20170810), which is in general not a big problem because I still get the information needed. BUT since I want to process these information it would be very important to me to find a way how I could manipulate the predefined field format YYYYMMDD so that it will be displayed and imported as YYYY/MM/DD in Endnote.

Is there any chance/way to modify or change the predefined data type setting for a field in Endnote or would I rather have to import the fields as given in Endnote and later maybe write a script which changes my dates to the format needed?

Many thanks in advance