Meeting abstract ref type?

When manually entering a reference, what type would you select for a meeting abstract?  I’m thinking “conference paper” but I’m trying to answer this for a library patron and i’m not sure.


That is what I use, if it isn’t published in a journal. 

If it is published in a journal, I usually just  use Journal Article and put (Abstract) after the title. I usually skip the conferences name in my solution, but if they have and want both the publication and the conference name, you probably will need to change or add something to one of the ref types, as the journal article ref type doen’t give an obvious place to put the conference name - the conference style doesn’t give an obvious place to put a publication title… So you could try putting it in “publisher”  or changing the Conf Proc ref type to use the Conference Name as the Tertiary title and the Journal name as the secondary title. 

added in Edit, I think the Proceedings would work, I was looking at the Conference Paper.