Merging group membership of duplicates - Please!!

High on my wish list is to be able to merge group membership when reviewing duplicates.  Right now, it seems it is necessary to go through duplicates manually, checking the record summary of each duplicate to see which groups each belong to, and then manually dragging the kept duplicate into the groups to which the deleted duplicate belonged - this is a long & tedious process - something that could easily be automated, I believe, even just by showing group membership in the “Find duplicates” dialogue box - so that they could be copied and pasted between duplicates, similar to the other fields.

This would be a huge help!

I think this would be helpful.  To get around it, I use the smart group feature to maintain my groups.  So I add a “group specific” keyword to records I want in a group.  This keyword can be copied to the duplicate if I want to maintain the duplicate rather than the original record and the transfer to the group is then automatic.