Merging one column from one endnote into another


I’m working on a systematic review and using endnote with a custom column to add notes in, and a colleague is using a copy of the same endnote file to do the same. We want to import one of the custom columns to create a ‘master file’ that contains both of our notes. Is this possible?

TL;DR - I have an endnote file with column A, colleague has same endnote file with a column B - can I add her column B to my endnote?


Not if they are being maintained as two separate libraries, I don’t think.  If it were an onlined shared library or shared group with write access, then you could each make your notes independently and and it could sync them to your desktop versions.  

Thanks! That’s good to know. We were just writing ‘include; or ’ exclude’ in the column, so I’ve ended up creating a new library where I’ve copied all of our include papers and removed duplicates.