MLA 3rd Edition "Edited Book"

Hi everyone.

I’m using Endnote on a Mac, EN version X4 (most recent updates), and MS Office 2008.

The citation for an edited book has always caused me problems.

This is what it returns:

Hofer, Matthew, and Gary Scharnhorst, eds. Oscar Wilde in America : The Interviews. By Trans. Urbana: U of Illinois P, 2010. Print.

The “By” and “Trans.” fields are empty. The book is a collection of various interviews conducted by newspapers in cities that Oscar Wilde visited, so there really is no author, much less a translator.

How do I make these fields disappear, since they are empty? Is there something I can put into the field, or will the style have to be edited? If the latter, how do I do it.

Many thanks.


Is there a reference type field associated with"By’ and “Trans”  (e.g., " Translated Author" or a custom field)?   To prevent “By” and “Trans” from appearing when that reference type field is empty, you’ll need to modify* the bibliography template by inserting the “Link to Adjacent Text” code between the 3 items (By, Trans, reference type field) . This will “link” them together so “By” and “Trans” will not appear unless the third field has data. 

The modification to the  template will appear something like the following (asterick represents the Link to Adjacent Text; vertical bar represents Forced Separations):

 |By</font>TransTranslated Author|


*Note: To edit the output style, go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT MLA. Within the MLA style window, in the left column, locate “Bibliography” then below it click “Templates”.  Locate the Edited Book template and modify as needed.  Close the MLA style window which will save the changes as a “copy” (i.e., MLA Copy).  Change both EndNote and MS Word settings to use the MLA Copy style file.