Modifiying Author-Date Footnote style

I want to use same as in-text citations rather than same as bibliography for my footnote citations however when I try to modify this in the outputstyles/author-date edit/footnotes/templates area a dialogue box appears saying “Unable to set Clipboard data” if I click ok, nothing happens, Endnote won’t respond and won’t close the box. I have to ctrl alt delete close program.

Can anyone help?  What does this message mean and why can’t modify this?

many thanks

I have the exact problem and not for the first time.  Like you I found no help in the existing internet resources which is surprising since this seems to be an Endnote generated error message.  Is anyone from Endnote listening? 

The answer seems to be you have to close any open libraries before trying to modify an output style.

I wonder if the problem is caused by large libraries clogging up the system. 

Hope my solution works for you.

This problem is caused by stored clipboard information.  If you get this error these are the steps to follow to clear the system clipboard information.

Word 2003 and earlier:
1)  Force quit the EndNote application
2)  Open Word
3)  Click View
4)  Click “Task Pane”
5)  Set the Task Pane to “Clipboard”
6)  Clear All in the clipboard.

Word 2007:
1)  Force quit the EndNote application
2)  Open Word
3)  Click on the Home tab
4)  Click on the arrow to the right of Clipboard
5)  Clear All in the clipboard.

At this point, it should be possible to modify the EndNote style properly.