More than z (24) articles by one author in the same year

Hi to everyone,

I’ve got a little problem. :neutral_face:I am currenly writing on an essay and I do use a lot of citations. :cry:My problem is in one case I’ve got a lot more than 24 articles by one author so the option  “Ambiguous Citations”> “Add a letter after the year” does not work proberly. In other words: endnote runs out of letters and uses instead silly signs.:stuck_out_tongue: What can I do?



to be more precise: is there a possibility to edit the letters Endnote adds after the year? In this case I could enlarge the list by aa, ab, ac, af, ag… and so on.

Well first, I thought there were 26 letters in our alphabet! :wink:

But seriously, I would ask the publisher what they would do!  If the silly signs are search and replaceable, and the publisher would go with symbols or some other format (similar to naming hurricanes I guess!)  you can fix them at the end. 

Added in edit-- Alternatively, you could edit your list to have the letters as a part of the year…

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