Move texts from the Publisher field to the Institution field

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I have 700+ entries in an EndNote library and want to move texts in the Publisher fields of these entries to the Institution field in each corresponding entry. I am wondering if there is an automatic way for me to move all these texts? Or any easier and less time-consuming way than cutting texts in the Publisher field and pasting them in the Institution field?

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There is a useful tool in the tools menu of Endnote, –  “Change/Move/Copy fields” that is just what you want.  You will have to first figure out what “generic” field you want to contain the Institution field and you may want to sort the library and select (then “show selected”) just those records you want this to happen to (for example, it might not be appropriate for books?)  you could search for a specific reference type, for example. 


I also suggest you back up the library (and its DATA folder!)  in case it doesn’t do what you expect it to do, as you can’t undo this.  


Hi Leanne,

Thanks for your reply. Your suggestion is indeed what I need. However, I don’t quite understand “You will have to first figure out what “generic” field you want to contain the Institution field”. When I tried to select the field to which I wanted to move the texts in the Publisher field, I could not find the “Institution” field, although I could see the Insitution field in my entries. Does it relate to your point that I have to figure out what “generic” field I want to contain the Institution field? If yes, how can I do this?

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You need to “edit” preferences, go to reference type section, click the modify button, and then look at the reference type which you are entering Institutions into, move down the table to where you see institution on the right column and then see what the generic name is.

Hi Leanne,

Thanks very much for your help - the problem has now been solved.