Moving Fields

I read that if you delete a field title and put it somewhere else in the record, that the datum for the field does not move with it. For example, if I want to have my notes for a reference higher up on the list than “DOI” and I entitle the DOI field “Notes” and label the current notes field “DOI”, the titles will move, but not the data that belongs to each field. So is there a way to move the title and the data for a field within a record?

I think you need to move the data to the new field first, and then rename the field.  There is a “Change and Move Fields” dialogue and there you would move the stuff, and then, afterwards, you would edit your preferences to change the field name in the Reference Type.  You may want to change the name of the field temporarily before the transfer, to some thing unique, like NEWDOI and then later make the change more permanent to DOI first changing the old field to Notes, or OLDDOI field.