MS Word cannot read mt references


I am trying to merge two files and I am facing a problem to merge citation list.

You can see that the citations in the second file are active, however, when I paste this text in the master file, nothing updates. 

I even tried creating temporaty citation in the second file. It didn;t help either. Please see the two images attached.

I am using Word 2013 and EN7.

Any tricks or advice please? :smiley:

I note they are associated with Figures?  Word has trouble with finding fields that are inside some things, like text boxes.  See

I would make a backup copy of the document first then try the steps found on our website:

If you continue to have issues with the document please contact Technical Support.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


We are here to help whenever you run into issues.

Well, I also have the same problem with citations in the text. So I think it is not text box/ Figure only issue :cry:


Hi Tony, 

I tried all these steps and when I copy and paste into a new file, it is just copied as a text. Updating citations doesn’t change anything. 

I better try calling the number you gave and see if I can fix this issue. 

Assuming you do have the toolbars in word?  

Yes I do. 

I got nothing, unless you want to zip up the file and upload it, so someone here can take a look, if you haven’t been able to reach out to the tech support people as Tony suggested.