multi-line visibility in smart group search window

Conveniently, my subject covers two different suggestions:

  1. When you create a smart group with a search term that goes beyond one line of text (e.g. a really long string of text, or text that contains one or more carriage returns), the box containing the search term automatically expands.  Great.  The only problem is that when you re-open the search window by clicking “Edit Group…”, the search term boxes have all reverted to one line of text, so you can’t see your entire search term. Putting your cursor in the box and pressing the down key moves the cursor down, but you can’t see where it goes, so it does no good.  You should somehow be able to see an edit multi-line search terms.

  2. Less important, but still a pain… when creating or editing a smart group, you can have up to 10 search criteria, but the window only shows about 5 at once, so you have to scroll down to see the others.  It would be much nicer if the window was a little bigger so you could see all 10. Even better would be the ability to resize the window yourself. Even better would be a window that grows automatically as search criteria are added.