Multiple Bibliographies at the end

Just a small solution of a problem I had: I tried to have 2 types of Bibliographies at the end of my document. 1st - literature, 2nd - legislation.

Solution: I added a Custom field with a trigger and sorted along that trigger first. At the end I insert another heading - done.

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That sounds like a great tip.  What is a “trigger” though?  Something that doesn’t show, but can be sorted on?

Hi Leanne,

I am using a custom field with a special entry - so all your references you want to have in part A of the bibliography, I have chosen nothing (so it appears before anything else), but it could be something like “aa” and for all the references I want to have in part B of the bibliography I have chosen “mm”. In “Sorting” you just make a custom sorting, chose your custom field as first criteria (then - as usual - author, year, title or whatever you like) - that’s it. 

At the end you have to insert your special heading before the first entry of part B.

Good luck!