Multiple citations by same author - lists Basson et al., 2017b before Basson et al., 2017a (Harvard)

Dear Colleagues

I need some help.

I’m citing the same author but different papers twice in a paragraph. The first time I cite the author, the citation says (Basson et al., 2017b) and lower down in the paragraph the citation is (Basson et al., 2017a). I would think that the first citation should be (Basson et al., 2017a) and the second should be (Basson et al., 2017b). I’m using the Harvard style. 

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!


You might think so, but the order of the a and b is based on their order in the bibliography sort settings.  You can force it to be different, but it would not be correct according to the standards set by the publishers.  

Dear Leanne

Thank you very very much!

I understand.