Multiple In-text Citations for the Same Author

Hi all,

My library is configured so that multiple in-text citations from the same author are typicall grouped together.

e.g. Dweck (2000, 2007, 2017).

Howver, when these years are ‘interrupted’ by a different author it seems to break the grouping so I end up with this:

Dweck (2000), Muncaster and Clarke (2016), Dweck (2017), Muncaster and Clarke (2018)

How do I configure these in-text citations to group together more like this?

Dweck (2000, 2017), Muncaster and Clarke (2016, 2018)

It would look so much neater. :-/

Any help greatly appreciated - thank you.

I have attached my custom output style if it helps.
Custom (2.03 KB)

The only way I can see without changing the sorting options for in text citations, would be to enter the two groups separately with a comma space between them.  

{author1, year; author1, year}, {author2+, year; author2+, year} 

In this way - they aren’t combined and you should get what you want for this example.  

Your current sort order in citations is Year, then author, so that is why they are Interrupted.  You could also try changing it to be the same as your bibliography, which is first author followed by year, or some variation of that?  

Thank you, Leanne.  That makes perfect sense. :slight_smile: