Multiple Refernces found in Database

I’m wondering if anyone has noticed that using cwyw prefs and setting the temporary citations to  look for only {REFID}, you end up with reference manager finding several refences to insert when you go  to  generate bibiliography

e.g.  Refid= {14}

will not only find the correct reference i.e using refid as the find/search parameter, but will also find the number 14 in the title field of the reference.

Genomewide association study of 14,000 cases.

Surely if I select RefID in the temp citationsof CWYW preferences it should only return with one reference which will insert into my biibliography automatically without actually me physically having to  go through a whole list of references and then hit the insert button manually…  By the way I’m running windows 7 / office 2003.  Anyyhelp would be greatly appreciated