Multiple Types of References in Footnotes

Hi All,

Looking to do something that doesn’t seem like it would be difficult, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet! Is it possible to edit an output style (based on Chicago 17th) that can have multiple types of references in footnotes? What I’m specifically looking for is the ability to have a footnote like below:

These models include, but are not limited to: Hyde, “Format and Function,” Hall, Lulu and Wozzeck, Benary, “Skizze - Entwurf - Fragment,” and Somfai, “Between the Desk and the Piano.”

where each reference is linked (and therefore included in the Bibliography). Some, but not all, of these I will be referencing later in the document and would like footnotes to behave as expected then (with full citation first, shorter later). I know this is possible by inserting the citations and doing a lot of manual editing after converting to plain text, but if I can avoid that I’d like to!

Thanks in advance, all!