Need help modifying my style output for journals

In upgrading to X2, my modified style template seems to have been altered, at least for journal articles.

For journal articles, this is how entries should look: 

Bergeron, Josée. 2007. “Francophone Minorities : From a Homogenous Representation to the Construction of a Plural Identity.” American Review of Canadian Studies 37 (3): 371-85.

However, some journals do not list issues; they simply have volume numbers.

This is what I get in such cases: Anholt, Simon. 2003. “Elastic Brands.” Brand Strategy 16828-34.

I want it to look like this: Anholt, Simon. 2003. “Elastic Brands.” Brand Strategy 168: 28-34.

This is my style template (which a list member had helped me with last year):

Author.| Year.| “Title.” Review of Reviewed Item. Journal|*Volume|*(Issue): Pages|. (NB: I do have link adjacents before volume and the parenthesis t issue, but they do not show up for some reason when I copy and paste - I put a star instead here)